Losing Weight With The Help Of The Law Of Attraction Methods

The first method is visualization. You can visualize the number on the measuring scale that you want to see in reality when you go to do that. Visualize your future weight. But here’s a trap that you should pay attention to, so you could avoid it: if lets say, for example, you have 144 pounds and wanted to lose weight up to 100, do not visualize the number 100 instantly. It is too much to imagine, because you have a deep belief that it is impossible, or too hard for you, to lose that much weight in a short period. Therefore, instead of the number 110 on the measuring scale, imagine the number 142. Visualize 142 after that and day by day, you can imagine 140, 138 and so on. A lot of people fall into this trap, visualizing things they dont believe in and thats why they cant attract the positive result. You will have positive feelings when you see these couple of pounds less and therefore, go slowly. And, please, do not ignore just these two pounds. Because many people fall into that trap again when they see that they lost only a pound or two. That pound is a big deal, you have cleared your body from a pound of fat. Be thankful to your body for that, and your body will help you to lose more and more pounds, day by day.

The second method is the affirmation. Affirm every day, say positive stuff about your body, about your weight loss progress. I deserve to be proud of my body, I am determined in manifesting the ideal body, I choose to get rid of all the fat from my body, Day by day I am getting closer to my ideal body, Every challenge that I m going trough, regarding my weight loss or my external appearance, all of that is capable of change, With a little effort, I can change anything, I am ready to change all the things that do not serve me in a good way but more importantly, I can do that – these are some of the affirmations that you can use in the process of losing weight.

The third method is meditation. Meditation will help you that your vibration becomes the vibration of a handsome person, a person with a great body and great, high self-confidence. The vibration of the person who is in love with herself and loves herself. A person that loves herself and adores her own body. When you begin to vibrate like this, the pounds will melt themselves, because the Universe will send to your life the things you vibrate. You can do meditate once a day to achieve the best results when were talking about changing beliefs about the food, beliefs that dont positively serve us. Just open up yourself for positive changes that will affect every aspect of your own life.