Law Of Attraction For Weight Loss

Just as with so many other things, weight gain starts with the mind. You look into the mirror and see someone who doesn’t match up with the glamorous models placed at the front covers of magazines, and you begin to feel bad about yourself. There are many women who have reported eating as the solution to their sadness. When they get down, angered, sad, and depressed, they overeat to feel better. That’s what they believe. If you’re like that, soon you begin to see yourself as fat and hate yourself all the more, beating yourself up for not being able to lose weight regardless of how hard you’ve tried. But really, it all begins with the mind.

Truly, you may have used all available methods for weight loss and experience no changes whatsoever, but the solution lies in the law of attraction. Just like every other thing, losing weight starts with the mind, and with this law of attraction weight loss tips presented to you in this article, you certainly are on your way to breaking free.

Law of attraction for weight loss tips

1. Start feeling good about yourself

Disconnect yourself from every negative thought which has been clouding your mind for so long. If there’s someone who always calls you fat or any place or movie which makes you feel less of a person, avoid them.

But cutting yourself away from negativity is not enough; you have to replace negativity with positivity. Start seeing yourself as a beautiful slim person, not what people are making you think. Have a good belief system. Do not rush to food as your solution to feeling bad. Eat a proper balanced diet only as needed and keep to a strict timetable.

Having this positive feeling about yourself will not make you lose weight overnight, but it is the first step in losing weight. It’s like taking away a burden off your shoulders, and then your body begins to regain itself and work in the direction of your mind (this time to lose weight). And before long, you begin to see the manifestation.

2. Accept that you’re really in control

You have been feeling that things are working against you, even your own body. Well, maybe. But the law of attraction will make you realize the opposite.

Everything happening around and within you, every experience you’ll ever have is determined by your response. YOUR response. It is yours; you are in control. This control can either be used for good or bad and take it under advisement to control and steer your thoughts towards positive things.

Even though the things that have happened are what brought you to where you are today, you are the one to shape your future and control which you’d become. Grasp control of how you feel about yourself, be confident about yourself, and people would soon begin to see you in that light. What you see yourself as is what you become. What you picture is what comes to you. That’s the law of attraction. Picture yourself losing weight, and the law of attraction brings it your way.

3. Focus “on” not “away.

You may think that taking your mind away from being overweight is enough, but no. You really cannot focus AWAY from something; you have to be focused ON something to make it work. Do not just meditate on “I am not overweight.” That would make you think about being overweight. “Not” is a negative term, and you have to take that away. Instead, focus on “I am slim; I have a perfect body; I am beautiful.” This way, your focus is on what you want, not what you’re trying to run from.

Do not expect the law of attraction for weight loss to act immediately. It takes time and commitment. You have to commit your mind to it, have a conviction within yourself, and see the magical manner in which that belief begins to manifest all through your body and your life.