Understanding the Basics of Self-Help Groups


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Drug addicts are in need of therapy, which can really help them recover from their addiction. Giving up drugs is not so easy; peer support can be far reaching in helping solve the problem with guidance, encouragement, assistance and any other sort of benefit from self-help group. One self-help group which has really succeeded in this is Narcotics Anonymous (NA) which is helping drug addicts in treatment and recovery.

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Importance of Self Help Skills


As children grow, there reaches a time when they need to learn doing basic chores on their own. Teaching kids to do these chores effectively helps them develop cognitive knowledge of tackling such issues is important for their growth and independence. This can be done through a number of ways.

Select appropriate prompts. While teaching a child to eat with a spoon, for example, the teacher can move from full physical assistance to assisting the child only when moving the spoon directly into his mouth.

Wedding Vows and Commitment

“I ______, take you, _______, to be my wife/husband, and I do promise and covenant, before God and these witnesses, to be your loving and faithful wife/husband, in plenty and in want, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.” Sourced from: http://yourloveceremony.blogspot.co.ke/2012/01/purpose-of-wedding-vow.html

People are no longer relying on traditional church wedding vows instead they are writing their vows straight from the heart.

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Regardless, let go of this give-and-take idea. Sourced from: http://frankpowell.me/truthful-marriage-vows-hear-wedding