Common Wedding Venues

Planning a wedding is a big task that requires the help and expertise of a professional wedding planners magic for it to work out successfully. Couples who dont have the time to oversee every detail of the wedding and/or are stumped on ideas on where to start, often hire wedding planners.

One of the things that couples need to decide on is the venue. Here are some of the popular choices.

Houses of Worship

Traditionally, weddings are held in these sacred places; churches, chapels, synagogues, and others. Theyre usually only available for the wedding ceremony itself. However, modern houses of worship now offer spaces for receptions as well.

Banquet Halls

Booking banquet halls for weddings has got to be one of the most hassle-free options. Most banquet halls are large enough to accommodate large guest counts. They sometimes offer catering and other wedding related services as well.

Holding a wedding at a hotel is ideal if the couple has a lot of out-of-town guests on the list. The guests can check in and stay at the hotel a day or two before the wedding. Another plus is that hotels have plenty of large event spaces. Itll be quick and convenient for everyone to go from the ceremony area to the reception area.

For a relaxing and laid-back ceremony, a beach venue would be perfect. Its one of the top choices by couples for destination weddings. Make sure that your selected beach venue has a backup contingency plan (i.e. indoor area, tents, and the like) in case the weather becomes less than pleasant.

Another outdoor option is a garden venue. Gardens have a naturally beautiful ambiance that doesnt need much decor. But like beach weddings, having a garden wedding requires favorable weather. Just make sure to have an indoor venue ready, just in case the weather isnt so nice on the big day.

Barns and Farms

Barns and farms are perfect venues for a rustic-style wedding. They give a homey, warm feel to the whole event. Theyre also nice backdrops for great wedding photos!

Homes and Backyards

Having a wedding at home is definitely the best option for couples on a budget. Theres no need to book event spaces for the ceremony and reception. But if the house isnt large enough, couples should consider trimming the guest list, or renting a friend or relatives house for the event.

Needless to say, its important to consider the availability of the venues. Popular wedding venues are usually fully booked, especially during holidays and the peak months of June to October (late spring till early fall). As such, expect that the price of renting out wedding venues during the peak wedding months will be more expensive.

The number of guests and available accommodations for them should also be considered, as well as the layout of the venue, and whether its suitable for your intended motif or theme.

However, dont let those factors overwhelm you. Your wedding planner (if you have one) can help you with that, or if youre planning a wedding on your own, you can
visit this site for information on wedding reception venues.