When Divorce Is The Best Option

Getting divorced or separated from your partner can be a very hard time for you and your family. There are things that need to be decided and throughout this difficult time you could use some help. You will need legal guidance to make sure you make the right decisions and to understand what your rights are. Things like child care, the financials, property, will all require to be figured out

How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help

There is a procedure to follow when getting a divorce. Sure it’s possible to manage it yourself however it is normally best to work with an expert lawyer that has the experience. This is specifically true if there are children involved or other issues such as you and your partner not in agreement on the divorce or it’s details.

The Divorce Process

Divorce Petition – The initial step is the preliminary petition for divorce which you will be required to complete to get the divorce process going. This is where you should state your case and reasons for desiring a divorce. This is where an excellent divorce attorney can help you to carefully select your words and frame the petition in the absolute best way for a judge to agree that your marital relationship is irreparable.

Getting the Divorce Petition Served – Next you have to get the petition served. This is normally done by mail and your spouse has a certain time frame to acknowledge receipt. If they don’t respond and acknowledge they received the document you will have to get the courts involved. Again, a divorce lawyer can help you with this.

Contesting the Divorce – Your partner might contest the divorce, in which case, depending upon the laws in your state you may need to remain married and live separate for a for a while till you can divorce without the agreement of your spouse. In Las Vegas, Nevada for instance, the waiting period is 6 weeks. During that waiting period financial matters may need to be attended to and your Las Vegas divorce lawyer would be able to offer further legal guidance.

The Children – If you have children then getting divorced gets more complex. The court needs to agree with the arrangements you workout for your kids, such as which parent they’ll live with and just how much contact they’ll have with the other parent. Custody of and contact with kids following a divorce can trigger bitter arguments, and the court will choose what is best for your kids. Having a skilled divorce lawyer is important when child custody ends up being a battle.

Financial Issues – In most cases there will be financial issues to sort out– how will you divide up your property and finances? It’s not automatic that things get divided equally and if you do go to court to get separated the judge will choose who gets what, particularly if there are children to consider. You lawyer will negotiate on your behalf.

Visitation Arrangements with Kids– Typical Access Concerns

Deciding how frequently you can have contact with your children– or want to allow your ex partner contact or overnight stays can be agreed upon but often times can be difficult. The most important thing is to try and do what is best for your children.

It is usually best if divorces are consentual and can be worked out without court intervention. Nevertheless, in many instances involving divorce emotions run high and a good divorce lawyer is not only suggested, they are crucial.